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Transformational SIPP & SSAS Technology: Containerisation

When Delta started deploying to the cloud, our cloud design was identical to the original on-premise infrastructure design (a basic web server and database). Today we are fully committed to being Cloud only, enabling us to use new and innovative technologies. Platinum~Pro is moving towards using microservices, this aids fast development and deployment and allows Delta to deliver fast and reliable software to our clients.

We have chosen to support microservices by using containers as our base infrastructure. Containers are little boxes of code that we can deploy easily on virtual machines. A container that is developed and tested on a laptop is identical to the container deployed to all clients in the cloud; this improves the quality of our testing and has reduced the number of pass-backs due to incorrect or incompatible configuration. These containers share the same cloud resources, which then minimises both our own and our clients’ costs as they are shared across all clients.

All new microservices are written in .net core, it lets the developers build them on Windows machines and they can then be deployed to Linux servers. This is a huge saving, as we don’t have to pay Windows OS licensing which can be a large part of cloud costs. We have recently developed our first true multi-tenancy microservice. This is currently in final testing and will be deployed out this quarter. Once approved, all new microservices will follow this style; this reduces the number of containers we need to deploy thus simplifying management while keeping resource costs down.

Innovation is at our core, utilising the Public Cloud allows providers to focus on their core activities and reduce the impact of IT infrastructure and change management.


Contact or 0845 6800 142 to discuss how innovative technology can revolutionise your pension operation.

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