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The fully hosted Platinum ecosystem is made up of integrated components, designed from the ground up to facilitate high quality SIPP and SSAS administration, meaning that our clients can meet all their regulatory obligations.

Put simply, we give our clients SIPP and SSAS administration in a box.


Cloud hosted & secure

The Platinum ecosystem is deployed via the Microsoft Azure cloud, which is a fully 24/7 managed, secure, encrypted, highly available SaaS solution with no single points of failure in the infrastructure.  We are ISO 27001 Information Security and ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management certified.

Quality assurance

Quality is embedded throughout the Platinum ecosystem, with over 105,000 automated tests in-built in the core code. This enables us to release new functionality quickly to our clients, with upgrades typically every six to eight weeks.

Process driven applications

At the heart of the Platinum ecosystem is SIPP~Pro and SSAS~Pro, available as standalone applications or combined. Core functionality is delivered via intuitive, structured and controlled processes to simplify and de-risk tasks, providing everything needed to administer schemes, members, assets and benefits.

Third party integration

The Platinum ecosystem has a full suite of public APIs, which enable seamless integration with other applications, meaning our clients can use straight through processing to align their target operating model and feed data from/to their other in-house business critical systems.

Bespoke reporting

The Report~Pro enterprise reporting server sits alongside SIPP~Pro and SSAS~Pro, enabling the creation of regulatory and bespoke reports, standard letters and outputs using data via the public APIs.

Real time digital access

As the digital companion application within the Platinum ecosystem, iFreedom provides real time access to detailed encrypted data for members and their advisers. Available for mobile, tablet and pc, its design is modern, responsive and accessible.

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SIPP~Pro has evolved over 20 years of constant regulatory change to be broad and deep, meeting the multifarious needs of all SIPP providers in today’s heavily regulated and competitive market


Comprehensive SIPP regulatory and administration functionality, enabling automation of target operating model via seamless integration

Drives data integrity, good governance and reduces operational risk

Reduction of costs due to complex SIPP knowledge embedded into application

Improving Operational Efficiency

Platinum includes validation at point of entry, automating manual processes and utilising straight through processing to reduce human intervention wherever possible. Because many of the complex pension rules and validations are incorporated into the API-driven processes, Platinum reduces the reliance on pension technicians and markedly improves your operational efficiency.


Data Accuracy and Integrity

Data integrity is vital to providing a quality service to your clients. The Platinum address capture functionality ensures you get accurate address data at the point of entry, reducing the need to clean it once in your database.

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