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Transformational SIPP & SSAS Technology: API Evolution

Delta’s Platinum~Pro technology platform is evolving to take advantage of the latest cloud enabled technologies. Following an API first design approach, using the Open API standard (OAS – formerly Swagger) in our dedicated SwaggerHub API management portal, and building on the already extensive Platinum~Pro Public APIs, we are creating small, dedicated services to provide our customers with new features alongside the core lifetime savings administration system. Where possible, these services will be built as multi-tenancy from the start, to maximise efficiency and resource usage, meaning that we can provide the new features to our customers at a reduced cost.

The new services will follow a distributed architecture, using the current best in class event streaming platform: Apache Kafka, enabling real time service to service messaging in a decoupled and highly scalable configuration. We define our new eventing APIs using the Async API standard, which is gaining wide adoption and follows naturally from the OAS standard. Our new APIs and services are built on the latest portable .NET Core technologies, allowing them to be deployed on Linux o/s containers, which are cheaper to run and more reliable than Windows equivalents. With each incremental release of Platinum~Pro, we will continue to add new services and features all building on this new architecture.

Cutting edge technology is key to creating an efficient and automated operation, back office administration technology that supports engaging APPs.


Contact or 0845 6800 142 to discuss how innovative technology can revolutionise your pension operation.



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