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Transformational SIPP & SSAS Technology: Public Cloud

Delta's Platinum~Pro technology platform resides on Microsoft Azure Cloud, in UK only data centres, which is the worlds most certified cloud. The technology we have chosen is latest generation PaaS, we have designed our application to be highly available; hence it has no single points of failure (SPoF).

Unlike private clouds or on premise deployments, public clouds can save companies from the expensive costs of having to purchase, manage and maintain on-premises hardware and application infrastructure – Delta take on the responsibility, allowing you to focus on your core business activity in the knowledge that Platinum~Pro is consistently available.

Deployment to the public cloud is faster than on-premises infrastructures and with an almost infinitely scalable platform. Every employee of a company can use the same application from any location, using their device of choice, as long as they can access the Internet. While security concerns have been raised over public cloud environments, when implemented correctly, the public cloud can be as secure as the most effectively managed private cloud implementation if the provider uses proper security methods, such as intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDPS).

We partner with an ISO27001 accredited managed service provider to ensure that the highest levels of security are maintained. In-depth penetration tests, a market leading application firewall, denial of service protection and encryption are included as standard.

Platinum~Pro fully complies with industry standard OAuth2 for controlling and securing authorisation. Delta have partnered with CREST certified security specialists ZeroDayLabs (ISO27001, NIST, PCI DSS) who perform our penetration/ ethical hacking testing. ZeroDayLabs use algorithmic and human testing to identify vulnerabilities.

At a basic level, the public cloud is changing businesses in many ways. For Delta it changed how we store your data, improvements to agility and go-to-market for faster release of new products and services, and how we develop and operate services remotely.

Delta is always looking for the most innovative ways to improve and accomplish our objectives of providing Transformational SIPP & SSAS Technology.


Contact or 0845 6800 142 to discuss how innovative technology can revolutionise your pension operation.

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