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LTAA Follow Up, Bulk CVM Enhancements and Report~Pro Capabilities

Lifetime Allowance Abolition (LTAA) Follow up

Following on from the significant LTAA regulatory changes released in V27.0, we have added the capability to generate LSDBA/LSA Statements for found sets of members using Report~Pro.  In addition, we have implemented support for multiple RBCE events occurring on the same day. 


We plan to continue to enhance our LTAA functionality in the upcoming releases of Platinum.


Bulk CVM Enhancements

Error reporting on the Bulk CVM process has been improved and members who don’t need a valuation or have transferred out are no longer displayed in the grid.


New Report~Pro Capabilities

We are further expanding the range of Report~Pro endpoints available to our users. In this release, we've included additional invoicing, group membership and investment-related endpoints, providing users with enhanced reporting options.

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