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Invoicing Enhancements

Report~Pro letters and templates are enhanced by the addition of property tax and proforma invoices, credit notes and chaser letters. This update is hot on the heels of SMPIs and Annual Review Packs migrating to Report~Pro in release 26.6.

Report~Pro – Invoicing 

Invoicing templates have been moved into Report~Pro for invoices, credit notes, and invoice chaser letters allowing enhanced flexibility for customisation. Additionally, a new chasers report has been introduced in the operational reporting area to enable users to easily identify and chase overdue invoices. 

Proforma Property Invoices 

Proformas have been introduced to Platinum for lease invoicing, where cash accounting is used for the property associated with the invoice. This enables users to issue requests for payment, and the tax point will only be set when the invoice is paid in part or full, at which point the proforma is converted to an invoice.

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