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Full Velocity| Delta Financial System| Pensions Experts

Launched in October 2018, Velocity aims to identify, develop and accelerate best in class firms with innovative FinTech, RegTech and WealthTech solutions, facilitating the adoption of technology within asset management and capital markets to drive efficiencies and ultimately improve consumer outcomes.

Delta is one of the first eight firms and tech communities chosen to take part in Velocity Birmingham. As one of the chosen innovators, we will have access to a network of existing investment management firms to collaborate and develop technology to help Britain’s savers and investors.

At Delta we embrace collaboration and knowledge sharing so are delighted and excited in equal measure to be chosen alongside these other stand-out innovators to drive forward best of breed FinTech solutions for the UK:

  • eXate, which enables firms to share data securely, by means of a digital Ink Bomb that allows those firms to destroy or revoke access to the shared data.

  • Fregnan, which uses advanced machine learning techniques to support unbiased, high-quality equity research for investors and fund managers.

  • GFA Exchange, which uses AI to benchmark and monitor business performance, to help B2B lenders discover new opportunities, whilst reducing financial risk.

  • METCloud, which is a multi-award winning cyber security platform that harnesses sophisticated cyber defence, surveillance, AI and Machine learning technologies to protect organisations operating in the financial services sector.

  • moneyinfo, a private FinTech firm specialising in account aggregation client portals and mobile apps for the wealth management industry.

  • Silicon Canal, a Birmingham tech community to connect, promote and support the tech ecosystem in the West Midlands region.

  • VendEx Solutions, Inc., the centralised hub for the financial services market data industry.

Birmingham is a burgeoning centre of exceptional FinTech talent and we take an active role in our business communities here, being chosen for Velocity further embeds Delta’s place at the heart of this thriving region promoting and developing FinTech excellence.

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