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Proud Brummies, laying the foundations of a regional fintech hub

Delta joined an initiative at the end of 2019 to further the growth of the Fintech industry in the West Midlands. Proud Brummies we want to ensure that the region receives the recognition that it rightly deserves.

Delta Financial Systems| Birmingham Skyline

Recently Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands conducted a round table event at the IA Velocity engine roo

m. Delta had the opportunity to talk about the development of the Ifreedom pensions portal and the creation of innovative technology for the pensions industry. Iain Tait represented Delta at a round table event with a wide influential group to discuss how the West Midlands can secure a reputation as a Fintech centre to rival the more well-established areas.

The outcome of which will be announced over the coming months and Delta will continue to be involved. The essence of Fintech is bringing about a revolution to the world of finance.

The industrial revolution built Birmingham, the UK’s second city and now it's undergoing another revolution. 

Iain Tait, CIO, Delta Financial Systems, says “There is no overall guiding strategy or cohesion within the region. We need to bring it together and to generate a sense of mission. Strategise it. Feel that it is something that knits together.”

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