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 The constantly evolving solution of more than two decades’ experience in pensions tech, Platinum~Pro is built to support your business’s future on the super-scaling Microsoft Cloud


 SIPP~Pro has evolved over 20 years of constant regulatory change to be broad and deep, meeting the multifarious needs of all SIPP providers in today’s heavily regulated and competitive market

 Comprehensive SIPP regulatory and administration functionality, enabling automation of target operating model via seamless integration

 Drives data integrity, good governance and reduces operational risk

 Reduction of costs due to complex SIPP knowledge embedded into application



  • Latest platform as a service infrastructure self-tunes, load balances and optimises

  • Ramps up seamlessly when you need extra capacity, for performance under pressure

  • Built on multiple microservice APIs for added traffic control


  • Tens of thousands of tests running every day, with every code update

  • Supports rapid, repeatable and reliable continuous improvement that keeps your business ahead of the game

  • Underpinned by the collective intelligence of Delta’s expert agile development team


  • From developer training, through data encryption to provider certification, we operate to the highest security standards

  • Built on Microsoft Azure, the world’s leading security certified cloud

  • Identity control sits with your identity provider. We don’t store passwords 


  • Your own IT team can access all our business logic through our open API layer, trying things out straight from the box

  • APIs let you integrate our service seamlessly into your workflow processes, with or without a human interface

  • You control when you ‘switch on’ upgrades


  • Platinum~Pro is backed by genuine pension experts with hundreds of years’ real world experience between them

  • We have multiple, successful, technical pension implementations under our belts

  • We have the knowledge to understand, analyse and deliver exactly what you need

The Embark pension businesses are experiencing rapid growth and the use of Platinum~Pro within our business has already driven efficiencies and reduced operational risk.

Paul Downing / Pensions Chief Executive

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Our service is modular and flexible enough to meet many potential pension administration needs for your business. We have particular strengths in:


SIPP and SSAS administration, where we’ve been the market leader for many years


Delivering pension freedoms capability for Personal Pension Schemes


Providing specialist modules for investment platforms


Process alignment and Target Operating Model consulting


Driving data integrity through a range of data integrated services

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Delta’s next-generation Platinum~Pro platform is the FinTech engine used by the UK’s leading financial services companies to power the administration of their lifetime savings propositions.

Improving Operational Efficiency

Platinum~Pro includes validation at point of entry, automating manual processes and utilising straight through processing to reduce human intervention wherever possible. Because many of the complex pension rules and validations are incorporated into the API-driven Processes, Platinum~Pro reduces the reliance on pension technicians and markedly improves your operational efficiency.

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Expertise in Pensions Administration

Demonstration videos have been created to provide you with a brief introduction to Platinum~Pro, request a demo to cover the entire breadth of functionality within the system and discuss your requirements.

Create Benefit Crystallisation Events (BCE)


Foundset Results

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Data Accuracy and Integrity

Data integrity is vital to providing a quality service to your clients. The Platinum~Pro address capture functionality ensures you get accurate address data at the point of entry, reducing the need to clean it once in your database.

Data Integrity

Accurate Address

Real Time Verification

Error Prevention

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