Delivering the system changes required for Investment Pathways Regulation in February 2021.

Delta, formed 25 years ago, is a FinTech specialist operating exclusively in the pensions sector. It employs 97 people, and its technology is used by the UK’s leading financial services companies to power the administration of their lifetime savings propositions. Delta’s range of blue-chip clients have some 215,000 members under administration, with a combined asset value of £46.75bn (October 2018).

Its Platinum~Pro technology delivers operational efficiency and compliance, making it a trusted partner for pension providers in what is a fast paced and highly regulated environment. In total, Delta has 59 live implementations of its SIPP~Pro and SSAS~Pro pension software, of which 93% have been clients for 5 years or more.

Delta’s status as the market-leader has helped it achieve rapid growth, prompting it to significantly scale its operations to meet regulatory and client demand. Delta’s unblemished track record of consistently meeting regulatory deadlines and providing functionality rich software has cemented its reputation in the sector.

Delta was acquired in 2020 by the leading global fintech provider Bravura Solutions, listed on the ASX 200.

Project summary

To deliver the system changes required to deliver the Investment Pathways Regulation in February 2021.


Sprint teams, .NET, SDET and BA

01. Overview and challenges

Delta includes regulatory compliance of its technology with the ever-changing regulatory landscape as part of its ongoing service to its clients. However, due to other critical projects it required additional resource to implement the Investment Pathways Regulation within a short delivery time period due to the regulatory timeline. It was crucially important to maintain its reputation of always meeting compliance deadlines, so it turned to Voodoo Park to help bridge the gap and deliver the project. Voodoo Park had the skills and the experience to deliver the project within the four-month timeframe.

0.2 Solution

Within two weeks of being appointed, Voodoo Park had established a dedicated team of 12 including two dedicated sprint teams, team leaders, and a dedicated success manager to act as a single point of contact to ensure smooth onboarding.

0.3 Outcomes

Delta met the Investment Pathways and Tax Year End regulatory deadline, thus maintaining its delivery track record. Voodoo Park’s ability to apply transformative technical skill at pace and deliver a fast and accurate project turnaround led to the expansion of the working relationship. Now Voodoo Park complements the existing Delta operating model by providing teams that manage new customer data migration plans, and new product and service development.

In total, five sprint teams comprising over 30 expert individuals in .NET, SDET and BA work with the team at Delta. Delta is now set up to be extremely quick to market, have outstanding technical velocity across technical sprint teams and can react at speed to customer and regulatory requests and changes, whilst never compromising quality.

Iain Tait, Delta CIO: “Voodoo Park’s team of experts understands our world, the demands placed upon it and the changing regulatory landscape. It’s for these reasons they are a strong and proven partner. They can react to ensure we always hit compliance deadlines, but they are also highly capable at looking ahead, anticipating our development needs and the potential bumps in the road. This foresight helps us achieve operational excellence at all times and ensures any development work is future proofed.”

Rachel Grigg, COO at Voodoo Park, adds that having a team with strong operational skill as well as development talent is an asset few others can provide: “We have experts around the world who are highly capable of developing software in a variety of languages, but they are also adept at applying their technical thinking to operational problems. This means they can identify and overcome challenges before they become an issue. They build for today and the future and can even turn their hand to the management of legacy systems – a rare skill, but critical in the financial market.”