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A grown-up with a pioneering spirit

Delta Logo with 25 Year Anniversary
Delta Logo with 25 Year Anniversary

Forget turning 18, in brain development terms it’s now widely accepted that we don’t become ‘adults’ until we reach 25 years old.

That new take on when we reach maturity struck a chord with us. Born in 1996, Delta turns 25 next year.

It’s fair to say, Delta was not your typical teenager – over the course of our teens we achieved Microsoft Silver Partner status and picked up a Microsoft Employer of the Year Award.

At 21, we launched the Platinum~Pro platform and were recognised with the Microsoft Employer of the Year and the CIPD Best SME People Management awards. In our early 20s, we achieved Microsoft Gold Partner status and Microsoft Apprentice Employer of the year - twice.

At 24, we became a founding member of the Investment Association’s tech accelerator initiative and our pioneering spirit was acknowledged at West Midlands Tech Awards. That pioneering spirit has seen us embrace the Cloud and continue to grow our team and our offering, even in lockdown.

There are advantages to each life stage, and as we approach our 25th year our maturity means we can draw on a quarter century’s worth of experience and learning of what it means to truly partner with clients. It also means we can evidence over 25 years how well we have evolved our offering to meet the fast-changing regulatory needs of our clients.

So, forget ‘youth’, we’re very happy to be a level-headed grown-up in the Fintech, Regtech, and digital space. But what we think doesn’t matter, we’ll leave it to our clients to explain what maturity means for them or have a look in our jam-packed trophy cabinet, which we most recently added to with the Digital Development Team of the Year 2019, West Midlands Tech Awards, and Best Pension Administration System, Systems in the City Financial Technology Awards 2019 and again in 2020.

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