Monthly Gilt Yields – GAD Rates

This page contains information that administrators of self-administered pensions may find useful or which they may need to check regularly.

Many of our system users have had problems obtaining the monthly gilt yield needed on which to base the relevant GAD rates when a client enters drawdown, as this information is based on UK Gilts (15 years) from the FTSE UK Gilt Indices, as published in the Financial Times for the 15th day of the calender month. The yield that should be used in this context is as follows:

  • the gilt yield prevailing on the 15th day of each month, if that day is a working day;
  • if the 15th day is not a working day, then the gilt yield for the working day preceding the 15th should be used.

This page serves as a reference point for our users to this information, in case they have had difficulty obtaining the prevailing rate themselves.

Gilt Yield Table

Month Year Gilt Yield Date
Feb 2014 3.22% 14/02/2014
Mar 2014 3.11% 14/03/2014
Apr 2014 3.07% 15/04/2014
May 2014 3.03% 15/05/2014
Jun 2014 3.21% 13/06/2014
Jul 2014 3.11% 15/07/2014
Aug 2014 2.82% 15/08/2014
Sep 2014 2.90% 15/09/2014
Oct 2014 2.42% 15/10/2014
Nov 2014 2.56% 14/11/2014
Dec 2014 2.23% 15/12/2014
Jan 2015 1.93% 15/01/2015

Source: Financial Times – FTSE UK Gilts Indices (15 year)

This information is provided by Delta Financial Systems purely as a guide. You should not rely solely on the information provided by Delta Financial Systems as we cannot provide any guarantees as to the validity of the data. Gilt yields can also be obtained directly from the Financial Times.