Delta Remote Access Links:

  • Remote Desktop (Username: deltafs\firstname.surname) Everyone has access to this.
  • FTS Website (Username: firstname.surname) Only some users can access this.
  • Outlook Web Access (Email) (Username: firstname.surname) Everyone has access to this.
  • Email Continuity Service (Username: All permanent staff have access to this.
  • TFS (Username: deltafs\firstname.surname) Only BAU Developers can access this.
  • CRM (Username: deltafs\firstname.surname) This is not currently in use.
  • SharePoint (Username: deltafs\firstname.surname) Everyone has access to this.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication Portal (Username: firstname.surname) Everyone has access to this.

All users guides can be found on the SharePoint site.

Troubleshooting Links

ISP Specific Status Pages

System Status:

IT Support: 02476 482 442