Delta Financial Systems Limited

New Product Release – Enhanced Online Application Form

The latest version of the Delta Module Manager sees the release of our enhanced Online Application Form (OLAF) Module.

 The new OLAF Module converts your SIPP member application form into a series of individually customised web pages for advisers or members to apply online.

 Validation is applied to the data fields to ensure that you only receive good quality data and you are able to control access to the module via secure user names and passwords. You also have the option to allow individuals to apply directly using a self service mechanism.

Different application forms can be created under different brandings, with each branding used by many different advisers or a brand may be exclusively used by just one adviser.

Upon receipt of the form you are then able to download a text file of the membership data directly from the OLAF database to create the member record in SIPP~Pro at the click of a button, thus reducing processing time and the possibility of inputting errors.

There is a demonstration of the OLAF Module on our website at If you would like more information please contact the Support Team at or on 0845 6800143.