Delta Financial Systems Limited

Joint Delta and Microsoft Workshop Day

On 22nd January Delta and Microsoft jointly hosted a joint workshop for sixth form students at Nicholas Chamberlaine School in Bedworth. The whole day was organised by Delta developer Luke Hennerley whom you may remember from our Summer 2012 newsletter was a Microsoft Developer Apprentice shortlisted for the Microsoft Apprentice of the Year in 2012.

Luke was keen to visit his old school to share his experiences and inspire the next batch of A Level students to become software developers via the Microsoft apprenticeship route.

The interactive day commenced with a session entitled ‘You never really employ someone, you only rent their behaviour’ led by Delta CEO Michael Power to help the students understand the behaviours expected of employees. He was followed by Dominic Gill, Apprentice Lead at Microsoft who explained the high level of support offered Microsoft Apprentices and the incredibly high full time employment rate for graduating candidates. After lunch Lead Technical Evangelist Paul Foster showed the students how to create a program to control a digital camera using .NET Gadgeteer and Luke engaged the students in developing an Angry Birds style game using TouchDevelop.

The day was described as ‘inspirational’ by all 20 students of which five have since approached the Microsoft team for details of how to join the apprenticeship scheme.