Delta Financial Systems Limited

Generic Investment Feed Module

The recent FCA SIPP Operators Thematic Review questionnaire specifically asked for details of Assets Under Administration (AUA) and the frequency of valuations performed on specific assets.  Keeping records up to date can be an onerous task, especially where a large number of fund managers, stock brokers and platforms are in use.

The Generic Investment Feed Module is designed to help SIPP~Pro users update portfolio values in Holdings records in bulk accepting files from any number of investment providers in a range of formats including CSV, XML and Excel spreadsheets.

The files just need to contain three pieces of data, namely holding reference, value and date and the module matches portfolio values to member records and updates SIPP~Pro in bulk. The Module can be used as frequently as required for any number of fund managers.

Please contact the Support Team if you would like to see a remote demonstration of the Generic Investment Feed Module in action.