Delta Financial Systems Limited

End of Life Notice – SQL 2005

As part of our development strategy Delta endeavours to support as many versions of operating systems and database platforms as practically possible. Standard market practice is to properly support the current and previous version; generally Delta has exceeded this but there are points at which we need to consolidate this position.

In respect to Microsoft SQL server the active products in the market are SQL 2005, SQL 2008 and SQL 2012. There is also another release planned for 2014. In addition there are the combinations of Express, Standard, Enterprise, Small Business Server, 32 and 64 bit editions for us to manage and test against.

Microsoft originally set an End of Life date for SQL 2005 of 12th April 2011 which was over two years ago and although they have since extended this to 12th April 2016 we feel it is impractical as an organisation to continue supporting this product to that point.

As such we will no longer install or actively support the Report~Pro system on Microsoft SQL 2005; that is not to say it will not continue to work on this version but as we make new releases available we will not test any routines against SQL 2005 and any issues encountered will not be supported.

We will be contacting those of you whom we know are using SQL 2005 to help with a strategy to migrate or upgrade your database platform and for those on a Delta ISV agreement for SQL 2005 there will be a minimal cost licence change involved.

Please contact the Delta Technical team at for help and support on migrating your system.