New Member Data Import Module

We have seen an increase in demand for the auto creation of new member data in SIPP~Pro from external databases or online application forms. We have therefore released the New Member Data Import Module to enable SIPP~Pro users to do exactly this.

The Module enables you to create new member records in bulk using a simple file containing the relevant data.

If you would like more information please contact the Support Team at or alternatively download the Product Outline by clicking New Member Data Import Module – Product Outline 2014.

Release Note

Pension Savings Statements

There is an obligation for pension scheme operators to provide members meeting specific conditions with a Pension Saving Statement by 6 October following the end of each tax year. If a member does not meet these conditions automatically they can still request one from the Scheme Administrator.

SIPP~Pro and SSAS~Pro users have the ability to produce these in the Report Engine and there are two reports available; one that allows you to specify the member numbers that you wish to generate the reports for and these can then be run individually or in bulk. The other automatically generates a list of members that meet the criteria of exceeding the annual allowance in the last tax year and again the statements can be run individually or in bulk.

Taking into account feedback received from when the statements were introduced in 2013 we are now able to provide you with a covering letter for Pension Savings Statements. You can then easily customise this by entering your own text into the content of the letter and adding your company branding if required.

Please contact us at  if you would like us to add the covering letter to your Pension Savings Statement.

Delta Financial Systems Limited

New Delta Webinars – Success of SMPI Module sessions

We issue release notes prior to every upgrade detailing the changes to the system that are going to be applied. In view of the significant changes to our SIPP~Pro SMPI Module in April we felt it would also be useful to offer webinar sessions to enable you to see the functionality first hand and receive training on how to get the best use from it.

These were carried out between 8th and 15th April and were attended by virtually all SMPI Module users. The feedback received following these sessions has been incredibly positive and as a result of this we are thinking about the way we deliver important functionality changes.

 We would like to hear your thoughts, would you like us to run further webinar events following an upgrade?  Please contact us at to let us know what you think.

We will still provide release notes prior to the upgrade and the webinars would be offered in addition.