Delta Financial Systems Limited

Enhancements to Customer Invoicing Module

Following requests from clients we will be enhancing the Customer Invoicing Modules in SIPP~Pro and SSAS~Pro to lock down invoices once they are issued so that they cannot be amended. Any changes will be made by crediting the existing invoice and re-issuing an amended one. This will also be in the next release in March 2014.

Delta Financial Systems Limited

Fixed Protection 2014

Enhancements will be made in the next release of SIPP~Pro and SSAS~Pro to facilitate the recording of Fixed Protection 2014. Changes will also be made to calculation routines to reference the protection in the same way as the existing Primary, Enhanced and Fixed Protection functionality.

Delta Financial Systems Limited

Round Table Event on 13th June

We welcomed 19 of our clients to our Round Table event at the Ansty Hall Hotel on 13th June to discuss changes to Key Features Illustrations following the publication of CP12/29 and SMPIs following the publication of V3 of TM1.

The Round Table event was incredibly useful from our perspective in terms of both the extent of the feedback gathered and also the opportunity to catch up with so many of you face to face. The comments from the attendees’ feedback forms demonstrated the value of sharing views with other providers – they included ‘A useful overview of regulatory changes as well as how systems might adapt for them’ and ‘Very helpful. As a small provider it is good to see how others use the system and gain from their ideas’.