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SSAS Round Table Event on 19th November 2013

We welcomed 17 of our SSAS~Pro users to the Ansty Hall Hotel near Coventry to discuss a range of topics including the content of an Annual Review Pack Module for SSASs, management information reporting, pensions liberation and much more.

The session was full of discussion and debate and we were able to gather some incredibly useful feedback from our clients on what they would like to see in future system developments and how we can help them carry out their roles more effectively.

Feedback from attendees included ‘it was very useful to share thoughts and ideas’ and ‘it was good to hear how other providers are operating’.

We will be holding further events over the course of 2014.

Delta Financial Systems Limited

New Customer Service Surveys

We are always keen to hear feedback from you about the service we provide so that we can try to make things even better.

We have therefore introduced a new online survey for you to complete to give us feedback on how well we have done on key aspects such as upgrades, installations and support queries.

The survey is quick and easy to complete and for each completed survey received we will donate £1 to our nominated local charity, which for this year is Zoe’s Place.

We would therefore be grateful if you could take a few moments to complete these surveys thereby helping us to improve our service and helping our nominated charity in the process.

Delta Financial Systems Limited

End of Life Notice – SQL 2005

As part of our development strategy Delta endeavours to support as many versions of operating systems and database platforms as practically possible. Standard market practice is to properly support the current and previous version; generally Delta has exceeded this but there are points at which we need to consolidate this position.

In respect to Microsoft SQL server the active products in the market are SQL 2005, SQL 2008 and SQL 2012. There is also another release planned for 2014. In addition there are the combinations of Express, Standard, Enterprise, Small Business Server, 32 and 64 bit editions for us to manage and test against.

Microsoft originally set an End of Life date for SQL 2005 of 12th April 2011 which was over two years ago and although they have since extended this to 12th April 2016 we feel it is impractical as an organisation to continue supporting this product to that point.

As such we will no longer install or actively support the Report~Pro system on Microsoft SQL 2005; that is not to say it will not continue to work on this version but as we make new releases available we will not test any routines against SQL 2005 and any issues encountered will not be supported.

We will be contacting those of you whom we know are using SQL 2005 to help with a strategy to migrate or upgrade your database platform and for those on a Delta ISV agreement for SQL 2005 there will be a minimal cost licence change involved.

Please contact the Delta Technical team at for help and support on migrating your system.

Delta Financial Systems Limited

New Clients

We are delighted to welcome our latest new SSAS~Pro client. Hurley Trustee Services Limited is based in Leatherhead and forms part of recently established Hurley Partners, providing discretionary management services to high net worth clients.

We wish them every success. 

Delta Financial Systems Limited

SIPP Operators Thematic Review

Whilst there is still no news from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) on revised capital adequacy requirements for SIPP operators this past week has seen the publication of FG13-08 – A guide for Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP) Operators.

This will be of relevance to all of our SIPP~Pro clients and once you have all had the opportunity to read and digest the contents we would welcome your thoughts on how SIPP~Pro can help you meet your obligations under the FCA’s guidance.

The third SIPP Operators Thematic Review has also commenced this week and is intended to look at areas highlighted in the 2012 thematic report, and focus specifically on the following:

  •       SIPP operator financial resources;
  •        the quality of business SIPP operators allow within their schemes, and
  •        the operational procedures and controls in place.

We know from the previous reviews that the FCA request a range of information in advance of visits and telephone interviews and we have had sight of the FCA’s published guidance on their latest round of reviews. This can easily be extracted from SIPP~Pro using the Report Engine and we have compiled a guidance note for you to follow. Therefore please do contact the Support Team at or on 0845 6800143 if you would like them to send you this.

Delta Financial Systems Limited

New Product Release – Enhanced Online Application Form

The latest version of the Delta Module Manager sees the release of our enhanced Online Application Form (OLAF) Module.

 The new OLAF Module converts your SIPP member application form into a series of individually customised web pages for advisers or members to apply online.

 Validation is applied to the data fields to ensure that you only receive good quality data and you are able to control access to the module via secure user names and passwords. You also have the option to allow individuals to apply directly using a self service mechanism.

Different application forms can be created under different brandings, with each branding used by many different advisers or a brand may be exclusively used by just one adviser.

Upon receipt of the form you are then able to download a text file of the membership data directly from the OLAF database to create the member record in SIPP~Pro at the click of a button, thus reducing processing time and the possibility of inputting errors.

There is a demonstration of the OLAF Module on our website at If you would like more information please contact the Support Team at or on 0845 6800143.

Delta Financial Systems Limited

Round Table Event – Annual Review Pack for SSASs

Following the success of the NBIM and SMPI Round Table on 13th June our next event will be on 19th November. We will be inviting our SSAS~Pro clients to share their thoughts and requirements for a new SSAS~Pro Annual Review Pack Module aimed at delivering end of year information to members and trustees. Additional discussions will include the impact of pensions liberation on SSAS administration, management information requirements and new SSAS~Pro developments.

Delta Financial Systems Limited

New Delta Offices

The past few months have seen two new Delta offices.

Our new Birmingham office at One Victoria Square, just five minutes from New Street Station, is the new home to our Re-Platforming Project team. The central location is proving very popular with the team and has meant that we are more easily able to recruit contractor developers for fixed term assignments.

The surrender of the head lease by the management company at our Richmond office has given us the opportunity to move to a new central London office at 7 Hanover Square, London W1. This means that we now have a convenient location to meet with our clients and suppliers in central London.

Delta Financial Systems Limited

Report Designer Service

Our newly launched Report Designer Service has been very well received. The Support Team have provided quotations to a number of you in response to requests for customised documents from the Report Engine and are busy working on delivering a number of new reports over the coming weeks.

If you would like more information or to talk through your specific requirements please contact the Support Team on 0845 6800143.

Delta Financial Systems Limited

Functionality for Simple SIPPs

During the course of this year we have seen a notable trend towards ‘Simple SIPPs’ with a number of you seeking to develop simplified products with limited investment options. The introduction of auto enrolment has also led to the development of corporate SIPP products aimed at small to medium sized employers to replace Nest.

We have a range of functionality to enable you to facilitate these schemes including:

  • An Online Application Form where advisers or members can complete application forms online with the automatic creation of SIPP~Pro records. If you have developed your own online form we can provide a Member Data Import Module to enable the import of data to create SIPP~Pro records;
  • Bulk Contribution Routine enabling the auto creation of regular contribution records;
  • Generic Investment Feed Module whereby portfolio values can be updated for any number of investments on a regular basis.

We are working with a number of you to develop more straight through processing to keep manual processing to a minimum and would welcome any feedback you might have on areas where we can help you.